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Black Wilton Lambswool Hat

Black Wilton Lambswool Hat

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The Black Wilton Lambswool Hat is a premium chunky knit hat perfect for these winter days. Featuring an oversized ribbed knit it offers added warmth as well as understated luxury. The perfect knitwear accessory to pair with overcoats or workwear jackets. 

A timeless classic chunky beanie to wear with large overcoats or denim jackets.

100% Lambswool
Made in Hawick, Scotland


The Wilton Lambswool Hat in made using a 4-ply soft lambswool spun by world renowned mill Todd & Duncan. They produce the finest wool yarn in the world, selecting the highest quality wool, allowing us to bring you the best knitwear in the world.


- One Size


- Classic British style
- Timeless appeal
- Pair with complimentary colours
- Can be worn with any outfit


- !00% Lambswool
- Chunky Knit

Care Guide

- Hand wash only using pure soap
- Wash 30° cool water
- Do not tumble dry
- Dry flat


- UK £5
- EU £30
- USA / Canada £35
- Asia £40
- Oceania £55

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