Collection: Fine Lambswool Jumpers

Our fine lambswool jumpers are a perennial style that won't go out of fashion. We produce them in small batches to keep manageable and sustainable while ensuring they'll continue to be available every season. We've expanded from our very first jumper, the Steadman Crew and V-Neck jumpers, by making the Kelly Sports Collar and Stewart Cardigan using the same premium 2-ply fine lambswool yarn.

We would class these as 'everyday' jumpers that feature set-in shoulders for a combined classic and contemporary fit.

Made in the Scottish Borders in the world renowned town of Hawick. The factory is on the banks of the river Teviot and have been making luxury knitwear for over 145 years. They do say that there's something in the water, which must mean something as the jumpers are washed and pressed when finished.

We use only the highest quality raw materials with the wool spun in Yorkshire by Z. Hinchliffe & Sons before going across the border to Hawick. We find that the finely spun wool by Z. Hinchliffe is both soft and robust, hence using the same yarn across our Fine Lambswool range.

We wear these jumpers nearly 8 months of the year.

Both the Steadman Crew and V-Neck jumpers as well as the Kelly Sports Collar and Stewart Cardigan feature;
• Turn back cuffs
• Set-in shoulder

100% Lambswool
Made in Scotland