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Mustard Wreay Shetland Wool Crew Neck

Mustard Wreay Shetland Wool Crew Neck

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The popular Wreay Shetland Jumper now comes in a stylish mustard colour. Think getting your favourite mustards and mixing them all together though. The yellowish hue has additional darker flecks similar to a wholegrain plus dollops of Dijon. 

The Wreay brings textured Shetland wool to a dapper crew neck with timeless style. 

Wear with an Oxford button-down with the collar out or neatly tucked in the crew neckline. 

 Made in Hawick, Scotland

100% Super Soft Shetland Lambswool

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Shetland Wool sometimes get a bad rep for being an itchy wool. Shetland sheep have to face extreme elements out in the Shetland Islands which give the wool its unique tight and wiry qualities. We use Super Soft Shetland wool from JC Rennie in our Shetland Jumpers, who spin choice selection of wool. The Shetland jumpers are then knitted at our factory in Hawick, Scotland.


The Wreay Shetland crew neck jumper is a premium fully fashioned Shetland jumper featuring set-in shoulders. Relaxed crew neck allows more comfort around the neckline.


- British style
- Can be worn with a t-shirt or Oxford button-down
- Great with chinos, corduroy and denim


- 2-ply
- Super Soft Shetland Lambswool
- Fully fashioned construction

Care Guide

- Hand wash only


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