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Midnight Kelso Brushed Shetland Jumper

Midnight Kelso Brushed Shetland Jumper

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The Kelso Brushed Shetland has been in the offing for a few years now, so we're really excited to to be bringing this out. Featuring the unique texture of brushed shetland wool that has been run through a vintage brushing machine that utilises thistles. The added depth it brings to our knits seriously excites us.

Also referred to a "Shaggy Dog" jumper – in reference to the shaggy wool mimicking dogs,. But at least differentiates itself to other Shetland wool jumpers. The unique texture of brushed shetland wool is created by running them through a vintage brushing machine that uses thistles to comb the top layer of the wool. The brushed wool offers a small layer of air that helps keep out cold. 

The Kelso is a regular fit jumper made with a seamless construction. It has a relaxed crew neck that gives added comfort on the neckline. 

Made in Scotland
100% Super Soft Shetland Lambswool


We use Super Soft Shetland Wool spun by JC Rennie who use premium Shetland wool. Shetland sheep face a range of extreme elements out on the Shetland Islands which gives the wool its tight and wiry quality that aides in warmth retention and wind resistance.


- Regular Fit


- Classic Ivy League style
- Can be worn with a t-shirt or Oxford button-down
- Contemporary colour in classic style
- Wear with chinos, corduroy trousers and denim


- 3-ply Super Soft Shetland Lambswool
- Seamless construction
- Relaxed crew neck

Care Guide

- Hand wash only using pure soap
- Wash 30° cool water
- Do not tumble dry
- Dry flat


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