Collection: Stewart Fine Lambswool Cardigan

The Stewart Fine Lambswool Cardigan is a new entry to our perennial range. It was one of Chris' first samples when founding Malloch's but decided to wait until he felt comfortable to add it to the main collection.

With a love for cardigans spanning over many years we're excited to bring you the Stewart Cardigan which can be worn equally smart or casual. Pair with tailoring or simply wear casually with a t-shirt or shirt at home or in the office. Ideal for travelling as well with ease of removing or putting on. 

Made with premium 2-ply lambswool spun in Yorkshire by legendary mill Z. Hinchliffe & Sons and then knitted in the Scottish Borders. We take time honoured manufacturing techniques and bringing them direct to you.

We hope that it will last you many years and become a good companion.