Collection: Spring Clean Clear Out

During our Spring Clean we’ve had a few discoveries and realisations, namely that we have more stock than we anticipated. While ordering way in advance to receive stock, we didn’t envision having as much excess as we do. 

Coupled with a hefty tax bill and supplier invoices, we've had to reassess how we go about being financially sustainable. Selling stock at a lower price for a short period is the most viable option to us right now. We also realise that some of our styles aren't selling as well as we had hoped, it happens. So refreshing and realigning the collection is the best way forward rather than to keep sitting on stock.

As new seasons bring with it fresh ideas, we want to press the reset button and work on new styles for the future. We want to make a new step forward with the brand in the coming years to help nurture and grow the brand. 

The discounted stock represents an opportunity to get yourself a piece of British knitwear that epitomises understated luxury, while supporting our very independent brand grow and take next steps. Those next steps will include research and development of new styles for future seasons which you and others will benefit from.

If you’ve been eyeing up a jumper, then this is time to get your hands on one.

*first time order discount and other promotions not redeemable on items in the Spring Clean Clear Out