Chris speaks with Crown Northampton

Chris speaks with Crown Northampton

Crown Northampton: Thanks for inviting us down to your place, we wanted to get your view on the state of affairs when it comes to all things regarding Malloch's and knitwear. 

Let’s start with you personally, what’s your background? Has it always been about knitwear?

chris chasseaud of mallochs talking with crown northampton


I’m from a graphic design background – I studied at Goldsmith’s which was very art centric so my design practices and learning were very open. However, I always veered towards graphics and visual communication. Around 2012, I started getting more into fashion, contributing to blogs and magazines and going to men’s fashion weeks in London, Milan and Paris. I then got thrown into the deep end; helping co-found and launch a fashion brand with a friend of mine. That’s where I learnt everything from sampling, fabrics and trims, manufacturing and production, marketing and sales. We had a few Japanese stockists like Beams and Isetan, so it was quite a new and exciting experience.

Unfortunately I got burnt out from the experience and took some time off before being head hunted to be the brand manager for a fashion brand. Throughout that time I still did graphic design on the side and have been getting back into that more and more the past few years – running alongside Malloch’s launch and slow growth.

chris chasseaud of mallochs wears kelly sports collar with jeans and crown northampton sneakers

What was your first foray into the knitwear business? Was it an emotional connection with a super soft and cosy jumper that you slipped on as a child? Or perhaps you remember the feel of a parents jumper during a soft embrace? Or… do you just like a nice knit?

After my time working for other fashion brands, I felt like I wanted to do my own brand – and being excited, I wanted to do a full-look brand with everything. I quickly told myself to calm down and start with one main product category, choosing knitwear as my main focus. I do like knitwear, and my love for it has grown. I remember my dad and grandad wearing very classic styles which made an impression on me, but I always appreciated style. 

chris chasseaud of mallochs leaning on a railing talking with crown northampton

What's your favourite piece of knitwear?

I’d have to say a chunky roll neck – the Malloch’s Newman Roll Neck. It’s cosy, comfortable, and the roll neck adds that extra layer.

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