Super Geelong Lambswool

Super Geelong Lambswool

Super Geelong Lambswool is often described as the softest lambswool in the world, comparable to cashmere with its soft handle. Also called Superfine Geelong Lambswool, it is an elegant yarn that is light and comfortable.

Superfine Geelong lambswool is produced from the large variety of Merino sheep in Geelong, a county in South Eastern Australia. What makes the Geelong Lambswool so good is that the climate where the sheep are reared is nice and mild allowing for a lighter and shorter wool fibre. This gives it its naturally soft handle and light character. The Super Geelong yarn is taken from the first shear of seven month old lambs. Then, the fibres are separated and sorted by length and fineness of micron before spinning (the finer the micron, the softer the fibre). We use 1/15Nm Micron in our Hudson Jumpers.

- Lightweight
- Comfortable
- Warm
- Breathable
- Non-allergenic


 The Hudson Super Geelong is the prime example of understated luxury knitwear.

- 1-ply
- 100% Super Geelong
- Italian turn-back cuff
- 1/15Nm Micron

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