What's so special about a Shetland Jumper

What's so special about a Shetland Jumper

Shetland jumpers have been a staple of Ivy League style since it hit the university campuses in the 50s and 60s. However, before they became popular with students and vintage Americana enthusiasts, Shetland jumpers were worn by the island's residents and Scottish neighbours. 

The characteristics of Shetland wool, being tight and wiry due to the harsh weather on the Shetland Isles, helps offer knitwear unique warmth and qualities. 

We use Shetland wool from spinners JC Rennie and then take to our factories to knit. We love their qualities and shades of colours, ranging from classic to brighter colours for the more adventurous. 

You can find the JC Rennie wool in our Wreay Crew Neck Jumpers, along with the AW22 released Kenmore and Kelso Jumpers. The Kelso "Shaggy Dog" Shetland sweater is brushed to give it an added depth and texture, while also giving it insulating qualities.

grey kelso brushed shetland sweater
mallochs charcoal kenmore shetland jumper

A shetland jumper remains a timeless piece of knitwear which we believe you'll be able to keep for years. It's an adaptable garment which you can wear with denim, chinos and flannel trousers as well as corduroy. For a proper Ivy League look you can wear over a Oxford button-down shirt – even wrap it around your shoulders.

Malloch's has three Shetland sweater styles all made in Scotland;
- Kelso "Shaggy Dog" Brushed Shetland Jumper
- Wreay fully-fashioned crew neck
- Kenmore Chunky Knit Jumper

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