Escorial Wool - the luxurious wool fit for royalty

Escorial Wool - the luxurious wool fit for royalty

In the fourteenth century Spanish royalty took possession of a unique flock of sheep originating from the Mahgreb in North Africa. This flock became known as the Escorial flock when in the sixteenth century King Phillip Il built the Escorial palace overlooking plains near Madrid.

It was here these special sheep were nurtured and protected, their soft fleeces producing the most exquisite fabrics of this era. Today, descendants of the original Escorial flock are extremely rare and found only in the southern grasslands of Australia and New Zealand. A small group of dedicated growers provide special care and preserve this endangered breed.

Environmentally sustainable and ecologically friendly, Escorial is the ultimate in luxury and performance.

It is our assurance that the small number of Escorial flocks are treated with the utmost care and are gentle on the environment. It is through the dedication and passion of those involved with Escorial that allows customers to experience an Escorial scarf – one that is rare, luxurious, authentic and directly traceable to its origin.

The Escorial difference is in the heart of the fibre, performing as a naturally coiled spring. The suppleness and fluidity of the Escorial fabric delivers a garment of comfort and performance, a scarf which is lightweight yet warm.

Escorial woollen accessories and has the skill to bring out the best in this rare and luxurious fibre, creating scarves that are incomparable in drape and resilience with a distinctively soft handle. Timeless luxury that lasts.

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